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                  "To Know Oneself Is the Journey"
Welcome to the website of Samantha Doane-Bates
and Transpersonal Counseling Services!


~ Vision ~
To facilitate the actualization of self-empowered
individuals who embrace their sacredness and
accept themselves as who they are.

Do you have "memories" not of this
life and time? Have you ever
experienced a deja vu? Does the idea
of reincarnation fascinate you? Have
you ever wondered if this is all there is?
If the answer to any of the above
questions is Yes, then you might want to
explore my website to see how my
services may benefit you.
We live in a time that is demanding we
become Self-Empowered Individuals, who
are willing to own our sacredness, to take
on our mantle of power, and BE who we are.
Now is the time. We can no longer ignore
that still small voice within. We must listen
to our intuition, heed its guidance and work
to rid ourselves of ALL that keeps us small.
Past-Life Regression, Astrology, &
 Transpersonal Clinical Hypnotherapy 
 are all instruments of transformation,
growth, and self-realization.
Past-Life Regression is one of the
most powerful tools we have to help
us get in touch with who we are and
resolve the issues in our lives that
keep us from living our lives to our
highest potential.

"Samantha is a gifted past-life facilitator
  and an outstanding astrologer who is
    truly dedicated to aiding her clients in the
discovery of their full potential.
Each session opens new doors and
provides wonderful results."
          Billie Nakamoto, President SBS, Inc.

For more information email me at
or call 859-224-0166.

 Book on past-life regression
Samantha's book on past-life regression