Samantha Doane-Bates

March 2008 Workshop Flyer

The Light of Roses
Book, CD

Letting Go of Your Limitations


Karmic Astrology & Past Lives


Samantha Doane-Bates, CRT, CCHT  The time is now. 2008 is here. 2012 is coming…fast!  It is time to free ourselves of the limitations in our lives that are keeping us from being all that we are. We all would like to be able to do this, but often we don’t know how. We feel the pain, the drain, and the strain, living with fear, anxiety, and self-doubt. We see it manifesting in our mental blocks, our emotional congestion, and our physical lack of well being. This workshop will offer a way to come to understand your self-limiting patterns of thought and behavior so that you can truly let them go. We will accomplish this by combining the karmic insight gained in the natal chart with the profound release available through past-life regression.     

             Past-Life Regression & Karmic Astrology

are incredibly powerful metaphysical tools of growth,

           insight, transformation, and healing.


SATURDAY                           Cost  -  $125

March 15th                                                                                                         10am – 5pm                             



Know Thyself                           

 Understand the Karmic implications in the astrological chart

 Get in touch with your Soul’s purpose

 Regression to the cause lifetimes of the present limitations

 Walk the labyrinth in meditative trance

 Seal your work in communion with your Higher Self

Call for directions. Dress comfortably. Bring your lunch, journal, pillow and blanket. Also, your birth data is needed before the date of the workshop. If you don’t know your birth time, you can still participate.
Samantha has been involved in this work for over 35 years. She is a certified Transpersonal Clinical Hypnotherapist, Board Certified Past-Life Regression Therapist and professional astrologer. She has taught classes, lectured, conducted seminars & workshops in this country and in Sweden. Her first book, The Light of Roses is based on her work & spiritual journey.  To reserve space send $75 non-refundable deposit to Samantha at P.O. Box 910032, Lexington, KY 40591-0032. Please include Name, Address, DOB, Time & Place of Birth, Phone & Email.

Look forward to seeing you there!!